The Tough Mudder Pact

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The company philosophy that drives us

The Tough Mudder PACT

What is the PACT?

TMHQ’s culture is based on the TMHQ PACT, our company’s credo and our commitment to work (and live) by the principles of Pride, Accountability, Continuous Improvement, and Teamwork. These elements guide our actions as employees and tell us what is expected of each other in return. They also guide how we interact with our customers and business partners. Read below to learn more about each element of the PACT philosophy.



Accept only the best.
Demonstrate integrity at all times.
Constantly delight our customers.


Focus on outcomes, not inputs.
Treat the company’s money like our own.
Deliver on our promises.

Continuous Improvement

View problems as opportunities.
Drive innovation and embrace change.
Accept feedback and learn from mistakes.


Build lasting relationships.
Never say “that’s not my job.”
Don’t let each other fail.