The Road To P.A.C.T: History Of The TMHQ Credo

Tough Mudder’s first Credo was authored by Will Dean during early 2011. It was unique to our company personality at the time, and included unique phrases like Seek to Understand before Being Understood. It served us well when we were a small and tight-knit group who could spend the time necessary to understand the nuances of the phrases and what they meant in the context of a small company.

By early spring 2012, Tough Mudder had grown to over 40 employees, and the senior executives felt that the Credo was too complicated and wordy, and in many ways harder to explain to new employees because of how bespoke it had been to the early days of Tough Mudder. The aim was to develop a Credo which could stand as the broad-based foundation of a solid professional medium-sized organization. That led us to the 10-point Credo of which TMHQers of 2012-2013 vintage would be familiar.

At the 2014 Company-Wide Ski Retreat, after a process of employee consultation and through Executive Team discussion, TMHQ unveiled the next step in the evolution of our company values, the TMHQ P.A.C.T, that encompass 4 Key values of Tough Mudder: