Started just a few short years ago, Tough Mudder has become the recognized leader in Obstacle Course athletics and has quickly garnered attention as the one to watch. Our milestones are plentiful, here's just a few.....

Fall 2009

Despite some critics and his professors who thought Tough Mudder would never work, Will Dean and Guy Livingstone found Tough Mudder and begin to plan for its first event.


Tough Mudder hosts its first event at Bear Creek Ski Resort in Pennsylvania with just three TMHQ employees on May 2, 2010. Will and Guy expected about 500 people to show up, but over 4,500 people attend the first event. In 2010 Tough Mudder heads to New Jersey and California in its inaugural season, crowning over 20,000 Mudders with orange headbands and debuting Electroshock Therapy for the first time.


Mudder Nation grows to over 140,000 and hosts 14 events in 2011. TMHQ closes its 2011 season with the first annual World's Toughest Mudder event. Arctic Enema debuts for the first time, then known as Chernobyl Jacuzzi.


After two years of rapid growth in the US, Tough Mudder goes global, hosting seven events internationally in Australia and the UK. TMHQ expands to over 100 team members and opens a London office.


TMHQ hosts 53 events globally, including 18 international event and its first event in Germany. Mudder Nation surpasses the one million mark early in 2013, as TMHQ begins scouting new venues in New Zealand and Ireland. TMHQ kicks off the Mudder Volunteer Program and builds a mini Tough Mudder course for The TODAY Show team during a live broadcast. TMHQ launches Mudderella.


Tough Mudder Headquarters move from Dumbo to Brooklyn Heights. Tough Mudder launches Mudder Legion for the first time, and Legionnaires earn enough headbands to stack as high as 43 Great Pyramids. Mudders around the world have raised over $2 million for charities worldwide. TMHQ takes World's Toughest Mudder to Las Vegas for the first time.


Five years after the first event, over two million people have participated in Tough Mudder events globally, making it the fastest-growing mass participation event in the world. TMHQ launches Urban Mudder and Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder, as well as Tough Mudder Redefined, demonstrating the team's commitment to developing growth opportunities and continuing to delight our customers.


TMHQ grows to nearly 150 employees working across three offices worldwide. The company will host over 60 events in three countries and expands to Mexico, China, Indonesia, UAE and Ireland in 2016. Tough Mudder Half launches for the first time with nine events in the US and UK in 2016. Tough Mudder participants have raised over $10 million for charities worldwide. Tough Mudder announces a new TV deals with CBS and CW networks.


Tough Mudder continues to expand into the content world announcing further TV deals with Sky Sports in the UK and first TMX show with CBS. Expansion of Tough Mudder brands to include launch of Tough Mudder 5K, Tougher and Toughest Mudder. Launch of Tough Mudder Bootcamp.